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The First Twenty is a nonprofit dedicated to America's firefighters and first responders.  Their health and wellness programs are used by The Department of Defense and municipalities throughout the country.   My work with them includes program writing, branded messaging, scriptwriting, and storytelling.



The TBN broadcast group reaches more than 2 billion viewers worldwide. I'm a writer on their original series, In the Gap, which is scheduled to air in 2019.  The attached script is an episode I wrote for the upcoming season.

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Tall Oaks joined with four other schools in the spring of 2016 to share resources and administration. Throughout the 3 year transition, I  used strategic storytelling to help each school understand and strengthen their unique cultural identity.  I also lead development efforts which produced 100% year over year growth in annual giving.  The attached link is excerpted from a grant I wrote  to the Crystal Trust Foundation.

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I had the opportunity to work with Olympic Gold medalist, Jordan Burroughs on CF Athletic's Embrace the Grind campaign.  I wrote the script for this web piece and produced it with director Brad Knull.  Click the link or logo to view the video on youtube.

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Positive Pressure delivers health and wellness programs through a partnership with Penn Medicine.  I used the steps of Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey to help them build a program designed to foster individual resilience and mitigate the daily effects of anxiety, stress, and depression.

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Holzer is a regional health system serving Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky. Their specialized services include Holzer Center for Cancer Care, Holzer Cardiovascular Institute, and Holzer Center for Joint Replacement.  I wrote the music for their Life Lived Well campaign, viewable in the attached link. 


Nonprofit writers wear a lot of hats.  Not only are we the storytellers of our community, most of us help out with event planning, team building, administration, and outreach.  Our development and fundraising campaigns regularly require all-hands-on-deck, often at the expense of clear, consistent, and strategic communication.  


So, when we write, we need to make sure the stories we tell support the mission of our organization and inspire our community to take action.  This means we need to clarify our purpose, utilize proven storytelling techniques,

and consistently deliver valuable content.   


For valuable writing strategies you can begin using immediately in the stories

you tell your community, please download my free Ebook.

To speak with me personally about storytelling for your nonprofit organization,

please reach out through the contact listed below. 

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